Top Rated Study Abroad Destinations

Abroad education is something that had become popular after the World War II, in hopes of letting students understand other cultures besides of their own. In present times, it is still in practice. Students these days decide on studying abroad to explore cultures and traditions of other countries, have a different educational experience from the usual one and some even hope to gain a better understanding of themselves.


German has become one of the top study destinations abroad because of the following reasons;

  • The country leads in science and technology industries hence gives science students a chance to access the latest technology.
  • Being a home to the fourth largest economy on the universe, it provides subsidies to students studying in its universities making it affordable compared to other counties in Europe.• The country’s universities offers top courses in engineering, business and European politics giving the students many fields from to choose.

Australia: Australia is a home to unique animals and trees and provides a place that is gorgeous and conducive for study. It has the following attraction sites

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Wonderful rain forests
  • Barrier Reef
  • A beautiful Harbor If you are interested in studying environment, there is no country with a unique climate and varied topography suitable for biology, ecology and zoology based studies. Political science students can also benefit from studying in Australia because studies on how different political decisions affect indigenous and non-indigenous populations can be done.


For those looking for the best study destinations abroad, England remains a top destination because of the following reasons;

  • England’s capital London is one of the top cities in the world
  • London gives students the best studying environment and the best experience in the world.
  • England boasts of world class universities which includes Oxford University, Kings College, Yale and many others
  • Students will study and enjoy watching premier league teams play against each other
  • For students who like music, Manchester City provides an oasis of great music ranging from smiths, stone, roses and many others.

Ireland is one of the top study destinations abroad. The following are some of the reasons that make it unique and preferred by most students.

  • Ireland has lovely people and is rich in history and heritage.
  • It has a number of top rated universities which place emphasis on learning materials.
  • The country has strong literature and writing programs hence suitable for students wishing to pursue higher education in peace and conflict studies or politics. In case, students from Ireland wish to study in US they have to make sure that all the ESTA requirements are fulfilled.
  • Students from the US do not need to get a visa to study in Ireland. They only need to register with the Local Garda National Immigration Bureau after arrival.

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is known for its higher education system that is superior to other systems of education. No wonder the demand for its education is always on the increase. The country has the following characteristics; an educated population. An education system that offers great programs including science related, biology, ecology and environmental studies Student’s visas for American students can be applied once the student arrives in Costa Rica One can enter the country as a tourist and decide to pursue a career of his choice.

Certificate acquired from colleges in these countries can be used in processing papers in any of the UKBA offices located in over 130 countries. The UKBA officers in these countries are well trained and empowered to deal with customs and immigration issues at the boarders any time.