Custom Leather Stamps – Let us know more about them

Custom Leather Stamps

The rubber stamp is the specialized procedure for manufacturing of the rubber stamps or self inking stamps.  There’re some different options to make the rubber stamps. Most popular procedures include:

  • This custom leather stamp is made in the graphics programme such as Corel Draw.
  • Laser engraving rubber in the CO2 laser engraver, the process is accurate and precise and quicker.
  • The sheet of rubber making stamp that is generally A4 sheets will be placed in a laser that is then calibrated to thickness of a rubber.
  • The laser works in a same way as the printer and is connected to computer and engraves and cuts down the stamp and in some minutes you’ve the custom made stamp.
  • This design is sent to laser that is well connected to computer through USB port.

leather stamping

When the stamp is cut the rubber that is covered in the rubber dust from cutting & engraving procedure is washed and cleaned. Then it is stuck on self inking handle that has the stick piece of the foam that will mount the rubber. The ink pad is then inserted in a stamp and stamp gets ready for the use. This will last for several years and an only thing that will need replacing will be ink pad and you can make many more with help of leather stamping tools.

Polymer stamp making.

Process of making the polymer stamp is straightforward, when you know its basics. In the process, Photopolymer is the liquid polymer, which is reactive to the UV light and can harden when it is exposed. The negative is made that allows UV light to display where stamp image is seen.