Help your kids keep the itches away through improving their skin health!


Ceradan products are logically designed with an optimum 3:1:1 proportion of Ceramide, Cholesterol as well as Free Fatty Acids toward maintain the lowermost trans-epidermal water loss, henceforth providing quicker skin repair for skin by eczema.

How eczema develop to your skin

Your skin barrier is the outmost layer of the epidermis or the outmost layer of your skin. Ceramide is a significant lipid creating the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier has adequate Ceramide to aid keep allergens plus bacteria out, and stop water vanishing from your body. It does the job actually well while it’s healthy. However when it has been compromised? Skin disorders, such as eczema, grow.


How this cream works

Gentle, soap-free plus mildly acidic, Ceradan Wash washes the skin and defends the skin barrier simultaneously. Bathe Baby by Ceradan Wash as a minimum once a day to stop allergen plus pathogen build-up on the skin.

The last step to making a healthy skin block for Baby plus keeping eczema at bay? Moisturize with Ceradan Hydra inside three to five minutes afterward bathing to aid ‘lock-in’ the humidity.

Benefits of ceradon cream

Ceradan Hydra is a hydrating moisturizer that could be used as maintenance treatment during times of non-flares. Ceradan Hydra is moreover enriched by Sodium Hyaluronate, allowing it to enter the skin and hold on to humidity. Easy to apply, it extends smoothly over skin regions with or without flares. It could also be applied often to keep the skin barrier sturdy, even when skin seems normal.