Savor Flowers – the Premium and Luxurious Brand

Savor flowers is one of the most upcoming flower shops today as it believes in creating memorable experiences. They understand giving flowers is makes any occasion very personalized and special.  No gift can match with the emotions activated through the sensual flowers – whether given a single one or as a bouquet.

The Savor flower team has been in the business for over 20 years, creating unique boutiques to give their special touch to the various occasions of their customers. In their boutiques, you will be able to find from the most common floras to the rarest ones.

Whether you are giving bouquet of roses to your lover or mother’s day flower hk, savor flowers will provide you just what you need. Our exclusive luxurious services around HK are to make you feel elite and blessed.

Romantic Roses

Roses are meant to make you feel special, whether they are red, yellow or blue.  If you are wishing to express your romance and love towards someone special, then red rose would be your pick while for a special friend, it would be yellow.  However, regardless of your varied relationships, we understand that each is very dear to you and we ensure you give them the best.  Some of their premium collection includes Champaign Color Garden Roses with Eustomas Greenery and Assorted Flower Bouquet, Pink Garden Roses along with Eustomas and Assorted Flower Bouqet, Orange Lilies along with Pink Eustomas and Greenery Flowers Bouquet, Blue and White Assorted Flowers with Tall Vase, Beige Eustomas with Tall Vase

Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s day is an extraordinary occasion when you get an opportunity to thank your mother for all she has done with you as a mother over the course of your lifetime.  She makes you feel wanted and special every day of the year and it’s the day when you should do something to make her feel exceptional. Hence, you must take time to plan out what exactly you want to gift her.  Anything last minute will be a waste of time and money.  If you pre-order, you can get premium bouquet, designed especially for her.  Some of our exclusively range includes Blue Hydrangea inside the vase, Beige roses with assorted Eustomas bouquet, Champaign with pink and white roses bouquet, HyancinthusOrientalis bouquet and Light pink roses bouquet.