Students can develop their capabilities with the courses

The main objective of the course is to help the children to acquire the language in a most interactive way. It is very important for the children to understand the language as it is a part of their life. Various capabilities can be developed by the students with a series of simple exercises. The exercises will include focus, balance, orientation, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. You can fill out the enquiry form available on our website if you want to find out more information about the English course for kid Hong Kong or book an appointment in advance. You can contact us to know the information related to the course timings and different courses available in our school.

Learning facilities:

We take the complete responsibility for the children when they access the learning materials to explore their interests in the course. A successful communication is obtained for the students with the core foundation of the language. The learning facilities provided in the course will increase the confidence in your children. The learning materials of the other subjects will help the students to continuously practice the reading skills. The children at Montessori Playgroup Hong Kong will have the abilities to learn with impedance by using the phonograms and sight words.

Enhanced abilities:

If you find that your child is adequate in reading then you can help them to focus on the other areas of learning. The phonics and numbers are introduced gradually in the budding Bambini classes. The teachers are very encouraging to help the students learn things according to their interests. The children are equipped with the skills according to their mindset which will help them to succeed in their future. The abilities of your children are enhanced in order to develop the problem-solving skills. The children can leverage their own abilities in a better way through the courses.