The certified public accountant help in tax filing

profit tax return

Normally not all the businessman will have the knowledge of auditing. They appoint the auditor to take care of their business income and expenses. The auditors will collect all the income and expenses receipts and the reasons. They keep everything safely and maintain the file according to the category. And during the year end they file the income tax using all the things that are filed during the whole year.

profit tax returnAll these things cannot be maintained by the businessman itself. This is because they have to concentrate on their business and run behind their customers. So they normally appoint an auditor who is comfortable and has good knowledge in this case. They can also approach the cpa firm hk which will provide them a very good service in filing the tax and also in the case of tax return.

They take care of all the things related to the tax filing and returns and this helps the person who is running the business to concentrate on their business. The hongkong based companies have to compulsorily maintain their company accounting books and all the transaction records. They have to maintain it at least for the last seven years. In the transaction records the daily book-keeping and the general ledger also have to be maintained. Only then the profit tax return hong kong will be easy. The business person have to appoint the auditor within 15 days from the date of company registration. This have to done compulsorily according to the government.