Why people use Instagram?

I recently introduced you to different reasons for managing a Facebook page or using Twitter. Today it’s Instagram that is in question! Instagram is a social network that allows you to share images and videos from your smartphone or tablet. Other social networks allow you to post photos, but did you know that the engagement on Instagram is 58 times more important than it is on Facebook? And that your contacts remember 20% (only) of what they read but 80% of what they see? I used this network previously for the sole purpose of sharing photos, I ended up tired of the impossibility of linking a photo to my website because I was aiming for the only generation of traffic on my site. If you are a businessman trying to promote your product then you can purchase Instagram followers from us. After testing other networks less known to the public but more photographers, I returned to Instagram. Indeed, I have new needs and I found the way to develop my audience in a complementary way to Facebook and Twitter. Here are some reasons why I use Instagram everyday again. And why you should do the same.

Attract new contacts

Most of my Instagram contacts have a Twitter account and / or Facebook. But some are not part of my Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Instagram is a new source of contacts for my activities.

The average age of my subscribers on Instagram is lower than on Facebook, so it’s a way to reach new subscribers. That is why you need to purchase Instagram followers to promote your products here.

Strengthen the visual impact

Post an illustration on a social network is not extraordinary. All allow: Facebook, Twitter, … But your images are then drowned in a flow of various and varied messages. On Instagram, you only see pictures (or videos)! And when we see only one format, the message goes better.

Multiple publications

The Instagram app makes it easy to share a photo on other networks such as Facebook or Twitter. And if one of the networks you are dating is not covered, just use a third-party service like IFTTT.

Thus, by posting a picture on Instagram, I can touch in a single action all my contacts on this network but also all my contacts on Facebook and Twitter together. I kill three birds with one stone and I save time.

Customize my presence

To develop my audience and be able to engage in conversations, I chose to personalize my approach. Nothing better than to stage for this: Instagram allows me to show a little more who I am, what I do, my passions, current projects, ideas to come.

With a simple photo, I can show what I’m working on and invite my contacts to find out more. I generate curiosity, which inevitably leads my contacts to ask me questions. You see what I mean?

Since the arrival of Stories on Instagram, I have a simple and effective tool to interest my audience. I post Stories every day, so those who do not see my posts see my head!

Centralize my efforts

To frequent several social networks, you end up getting lost. Where to post what? On which type of content to use? So many questions that you ask me regularly.

I have adopted the following rule: my illustrations, photos and live videos – my daily newspaper – are posted on Instagram. And I refer to Twitter and Facebook depending on the type of message I want to pass.

 Share all my interests

I’m using a single Instagram account, but I’ve set up automatic actions in IFTTT to return each Instagram post to a Twitter account or another. Why only one account? Because it allows me to show everything I’m working on.

I’m the only permanent editor on each of my sites, I found it good to feed one account per site, especially since the Instagram application does not allow now manages the multi-account.

Go faster!

In use the Instagram application is the fastest to use to post a photo. With Facebook or Twitter everything is slower. And I hate to waste time.