5 simple tips to play the harmonica

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Then you want to play the intriguingly complex harmonica. Extensive dedication and practice will be required, but in the process, it is also very fun.

harmonicas louisville kyHere are my 5 tips for beginners before taking harmonica lessons

    1. Watch videos of harmonica experts. My goal is to show you the methods and proper handling of this tool. In addition to the mouth, the hands play a very important role.
    1. When you are ready to learn and practice, buy one; What you are looking for is the best model to help you learn and practice. Here are my recommendations:

o Diatonic in the C key: to begin with, the standard key is the C key, because the tone is correct, neither too loud nor too low, which is ideal for studying songs and accompanying recorded music.

o Choose a 10 hole Diatonic: the ideal type for effective training. A 10-hole, single-row diatonic¬†harmonicas louisville ky is what you need to start practicing. It doesn’t matter if this is different from what you see the experts use, 10 holes are the best for beginners.

o The best model: I suggest you try the Hohner Special 20, it sounds great, but not too expensive. Remember that when you get better, you may want to buy another model, perhaps with more holes or rows. So, for now, choose one that sounds great with a reasonable price.

    1. Verify the sound quality: verify your selection to compare how each one sounds. Don’t worry if you still can’t play; Just make holes and listen, choose which one sounds best.
    1. Know the sound of each key. If you haven’t taken music lessons before, I suggest you familiarize yourself with your harmonica and your keys before you start looking for tabs and online lessons. Find out by listening to the sound produced by each key, which combines well with other keys. It is very important that you learn notes and keys, but now you need to learn more about the sound of your harmonica.
    1. Be close with your accordion. Most of the good players I know little understood in the keys and notes, but never left the harmonica simply out there, they remained in place, in the mouth.