Apply pr Singapore in an easy way

apply visa

Are you thinking to settle down in Singapore? Then don’t wait! Your dream of living in Singapore is no more an impossible task.You can apply for your permanent residence (pr), as well as for your whole family (the spouse and unmarried children under 21).

apply visa

The process

The document that ICA requires is not much complicated! To apply Singapore pr, you need to gather all your important details and documents that will be required for your approval of the application. You can also visit the web to collect information regarding the method of application.  It takes time and patience for people to get their pr approved. You will not be required to be interviewed for your Singapore pr application, as all the processes proceed based on documents that you provide to ICA.

There are major three stages of applying for pr. First, a face-to-face discussion round takes place where you will be updated with all the policies, and you will introduce yourself. In the second stage, you will be asked to submit all your documents and personal details to ICA. You can also do this online. In the last stage, you will be guided about the policies related to the formalities that will be required for the approval of your pr. Appeal management also takes place at this stage.

The Government of Singapore always welcomes the arrival of the professionals and other foreigners who are capable of making contributions in the country`s development in different ways.