Car Rentel

  Take the inquiry “renting or trade a car is very difficult ” It is forever hard to answer. Why? Just because this choice will be  strong-minded by your lifestyle. Today it is not possible to give a firm opinion on the subject. Indeed, while a number of people to work by car, แนะนำรถเช่าเชียงราย  others take public convey. And, when some travel 50 km to work, others are only 5 minutes from their commerce. Insurance, preservation, financing, kilometers, we will discuss all the parameters to take into account when choosing to facilitate your daily life and respect your budget.

What if we borrowed a car?

When we inquire ourselves the query of buying or renting a car, we understand that it is not uninteresting to appreciate how the rental works. If it clearly has some drawbacks, it is clear that it also offers good-looking advantages.

The advantages of car rental

By opting for LLD, you do not need to find funding. But above all,  เช่ารถ ที่ เชียงราย you have a better view of your budget. Here, the comparison between car rental and the purchase is simple. By buying you expose yourself to costs that you will not necessarily have anticipated while with car rental, you pay the same amount each month, maintenance is taken into account. In addition, you benefit from recent cars and can, therefore, please yourself by changing every year to circulate in a vehicle benefiting from the latest technology.

What about insurance?

Buy or rent a car, no difference; the law requires you to take out insurance for any land motor vehicle. It is then up to you to choose the level of guarantee according to the age of your car, your use of it, etc.