Does Zipper Merge Actually Work in Heavy Traffic?

Dynamic zipper merge

This is an age-old debate on whether Dynamic zipper merge system actually works or does it simply increase the chances of an impatient jerk crashing into someone’s car? The answer can tend to be subjective depending on the degree of participation and patience the drivers have to offer but if you are wondering about its usefulness itself then fret not! It works flawlessly.

First things first, we need to understand what a zipper merge actually means?

Just like a zipper, rather than filing into a single-file line mile before the actual merge. People continue in their respective lanes until the last moment. When the final approach the merge zone, they have to take turns to form a single file. Merge zones are usually created when part of the road/highway/lane is under construction or is unavailable due to any reason. Even though merging into a single-file line, miles before might seem logical but it actually defies its purposes by creating more chances of collision and road rage.

What is the use of a zipper merge system?

Zipper merge system uses the most of the area available on the lanes. It can support more vehicles than a single file of them. Also, as it can take two or more vehicles simultaneously the traffic moves much more quickly. It all comes down to being patient and participating calmly in the zipper rather than hogging both the lanes or not letting someone come in the zipper.

How does the dynamic zipper merge works?

When the traffic department uses LED placards, signs, and boards to indicate the current condition of the road ahead at periodic intervals, it can be said to be a Dynamic zipper merge. It is quite useful in nature as it can inform the drivers of what their speed should be given the traffic conditions ahead. Also, it can provide live updates on the merges put up due to active work zones. Some companies or departments even install cameras to keep an eye on the traffic condition and rectify the situation wherever it is required.

All in all, it can be said that rather than being rude and impolite, we should trust the zipper merge system more and participate calmly. The dynamic systems are made up in such a way that it can facilitate an even a large number of vehicles. So, you should not panic and follow the instructions cooperatively.