How much do you know about The Dawood Foundation (TDF)?

powerful crisis control

The powerful crisis control depends on careful reconciliation of crisis designs at all dimensions of government and non-government inclusion. That is why, sometimes we need help from philanthropists who can extend their arm to help disaster-affected people and Mariyam Dawood and Bashir Dawood are one of those people. They have taken a very generous action and formed the ‘The Dawoos Foundation’ which is a light of hope for disaster affected people. Click here to know about bashirdawood in detail.

Help to get over manmade situations

Pakistan has faced many man-made disasters like the terror attack of 11th September and the famous economic crisis. Devastating situations like needs generous help from wise minds and that is how The Dawood Foundation (TDF) has been founded. Visit this site to know about bashir dawood in detail.

Devastating situations

Help to get over natural devastating situations

Because of the geological situation, Pakistan has faced many natural calamities like- earthquakes in Kashmir and Balochistan and the devastating flood of 4 years. These natural calamities did not let the people live in peace. And, to fight these global problems, the (TDF) was founded.

Generous help from the Dawood

With TDF, the Dawood family took part in saving victims from disasters. Like- providing health care, shelter and providing safe food and water. They are trying their level best to boost the morale of the affected people so that they can get back to their normal life.