Properly use the tax services and company secretary services in Hong Kong 

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Business people in Hong Kong have to comply with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. They hire qualified professionals to get the job done on time without compromising the budget. They explore top tax services hong kong with an aim to choose and use one of these tax services. They do not have enough time to do tax related projects on their own. They do not wish to keep the permanent team of tax department in their company to deal with the tax issues once or twice a year. They search for the company specialized in the competitive prices of tax services. They can get in touch with the Muehler McKay at any time they require the tax service. They feel comfortable at the prompt assistance and the best service from specialists in the tax services.

tax services hong kong

Different types of secretarial services 

Every listener to the company secretary service from the Muehler McKay makes a decision to get the most expected favorable things. On-going company secretarial services of this company include, but not limited to the following things.

  • Arrangement required for annual statutory fillings with the company registry
  • Convening of annual general meetings, committee meetings of shareholders and directors
  • Preparation of shareholders or board resolutions
  • Preparation and file documents required for share transfer, allotments and related transactions

All clients of this reputable company get 100% satisfaction and fulfil their expectations about the enhancement in the overall business activities. They get a wide variety of advantageous things and ensure about the easiest method to achieve the business development goals.