Have you ever heard of heaven on earth??!! Come to Florida

Current records have shown that Orlando, Florida is one of the top 10 most visited places in the world. It holds a record of over 51 million tourists every year which is arguably a huge income in return for the state.

Florida, also known as the Sunshine State is a fascinating and cool state with a good climate report over the years according to floridatix and other reliable sources. As a tourist, your adventure can be tagged completed if you have explored Florida.

Come to Florida

In case you are not convinced yet about why you should visit Florida, here is why you should

  1. It houses fascinating buildings like
  • The Kennedy space centre. This is the first American space station. This space station was responsible for sending the first man into space Apollo in the ’60s. Ever since its operation then, it still launches operations for rockets, research, and tours.
  • Augustine. It is arguably the oldest city in the U.S. consisting of incredible Spanish style structures and cafes.
  1. Incredible theme parks and beaches: One of the incredible reasons why you should visit Florida is because of its theme parks and beaches coupled with the side attractions. Starting with the Disney park magic kingdom to the Hollywood studios, EPCOT. All these are fascinating places that make Florida stand out amongst other tourist centres in the world. There are no restrictions to who can visit this place in terms of culture and race, it welcomes everyone with 100% love and satisfaction as long as you have your park tickets and other forms the fun and tour is available for you. From these theme parks, you also get to have a real-life experience like that from movies like harry potter, men in black and despicable me.
  2. Late night parties. For those that would love to enjoy the night cruise, you are covered. Florida houses awesome nightclubs that are addicted to serving their customers with 100% satisfaction. These night clubs are well equipped with cameras for safety and standby officers in case of any disruption. Back to the fun, they serve all genres of music, variety of drinks and foods from different cultures of the world so be rest assured that you will get your desired drink and in general fun.
  3. Wildlife reservations: unlike other places and zoos with restricted access to certain species of animals, Florida has 90% different species of animals. Here, as well as enjoying your tour, you also get to meet new species of animals, take pictures and study of these animals, which boosts your research and knowledge. Not to worry, these animals are well encaged with maximum security so be rest assured that you won’t be attacked by any animal. You also get the chance to take a roller coaster view of these animals (for kids and frightened individuals).
  4. Museum: one of the major concerns of tourists with research and educational mindset is the museum. Florida houses some of the most incredible museums with large varieties of collections from the early 1900s to date. They keep a record of collections like painting job, cultural emblems, gemstones so be rest assured that your educational knowledge will be enlightened.
  5. Maximum security: Due to the state of places these days, one of the factors that discourage tourists about a place is their security. Florida provides maximum security for its legal tourists. a tourist guide is provided for everyone and a speed dial in cases of emergencies so be rest assured that your life is secured in Florida.

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