A brief about the cryptocurrency- Bitcoin

Crypto currency


Bitcoins are the digital currencies evolved in this digital world with technological development. This is invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and it has been described as the peer to peer electronic cash scheme, which means there is an allowance of access to the files as well as the peripherals without the need for the server named as the central server. There are no intermediaries or the middlemen who are involved in the transaction system. Bitcoin are the digital currency, besides this form of digital currency there are various other digital currencies like Litecoin’s.

Bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet

These bitcoins are denoted by the symbol BTC and there are not in the form of traditional ones like the plastic currency or the paper currency. These are stored in the digital wallet named the bitcoin wallet and only used for online transactions. The value pf the bitcoins is higher than any form of traditional currency and can be said as the highest in the world. But these bitcoins are just as a form of cryptocurrency and the payments are done through the gateway of the internet.

This is the payment system that will be allowing the uses of the bitcoins for sending the payments which are verifiable safely and securely electronically without the presence of any board or government or any central authority. This bitcoin can be earned in so many ways but that too through the internet.


They can be earned through certain websites that ask the users to do some tasks like doing the captcha ad they are credited with bitcoins. These bitcoins which are cryptocurrency which is released in the year 2009 and they are open sources, that means anyone in the world will be given access to use them.