List of some common things which comes under criminal cases

We all know that crime is increasing day by day as people don’t get deserving jobs. This is the main reason behind increasing criminal cases in any country. To stop these things the government has to take a few major steps. But in this article, you are going to know about the common cases which come under criminal cases. If you also want to hire an attorney related to a criminal case or any other case then you must have to try corporate law firms Singapore.

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So let’s start the things which come under criminal cases:


  • Cheating

Under this, you can file a case if you feel that the person cheated you. But make sure that you have evidence to prove yourself in the court.

  • Theft

You can file a case against any person who steals from you. Whether the theft is of money or of any other thing. The quantity of theft doesn’t matter, and it comes under criminal cases.

  • Murder

if you have any doubt about any person regarding the murder of anyone then you can file a case against him. It also comes under criminal cases. But make sure that you have proper evidence to prove yourself right in the court.

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