House Doctor

The service:

          Giving health care to people around has never been as satisfying as you can now do it the new age way. The healthcare assistant Singapore will be your best friend if you are into giving care for the needy people.

  1. Here you can join them by filling in the format that is available on the webpage and get your details to them so that they will respond to you and you can offer your services to the needy. Whether you have your skills or not, they will take your help in order to help the others such as the old age people, those who have their relatives at a far place and they need someone to be beside them for care and attention.
  2. You can join them as a care aide person who is willing to assist them for a better life or have a value to their life.
  3. They expect you to be the assistant where you can escort the service people such as the doctors or the nurses when they are giving their services, you can help them do some cooking a light meal or helping the patients to take a bath, being a companion and also as a care giver who will assist them while they are doing their exercise or even while they are taking a walk.
  4. You can get a reasonable pay for the services that you give, you can also assist the healthcare assistant Singapore in improving the quality of life of some person you hardly know.