Catering service for a cocktail party

Cocktail is a drink made up of one or more alcoholic beverages. Cocktail parties are parties where cocktails are served. These parties are organized for friends or for business networking. It is also called mixer. Cocktail parties are usually thrown in the early evenings (between 6pm-8pm), lasting for a couple of hours. In such gatherings, importance is mainly given to cocktails than the food. Finger foods, snacks, nibbles are the usual eatables in such get-togethers. The food can be prepared at home or it can be handed over to the cocktail party catering service.

The party can be made memorable by the catering service. The cocktail party caterers would basically take care of the food and drinks, ambience, music, seating arrangements and decorations of the party. The hosts can just concentrate on the other aspects of the party like the theme, dress code, venue, entertaining the guests and making them feel comfortable and relaxed. Simple spread of food is common like cheese, cracker or cut fruit platter, bruschetta, canapés and tapenade in such parties. While the caterers have the best chefs who can present customized menu, buffet finger food, exotic seafood and meat. Hosts can ask for the out-of-the-box buffet food which by itself would be the topic of conversation for the evening. Inexhaustible supply of spirits, coolers being refilled before its empty, appetizers replenished time and again, new wine bottle corked and set on the table, plenty of snacks and munches are all taken care of by the buffet catering service.

The hosts can give their full attention and time to the guests rather than worrying about the food, serving and cleaning up. They can even enjoy themselves at the party. They can bond with their guests and even introduce their guests to each other and thus make them feel completely relaxed and comfortable with their surroundings. This will ensure the guests to have a good time.

The caterer should know the guest’s diet types and if any allergies they have. So that the menu can be altered or extra item without the allergen can be added to the menu. For example the food allergens may include gluten, peanuts, soya and other nuts.

Take the pressure off by bringing in a catering company to make all your culinary wishes a reality. Parties are fun but when you are planning, cooking, hosting, serving, arranging and cleaning- that is not fun! So, the next time you think of hosting a cocktail party, relax and look your best! Catering companies are there to take care of all the other issues.