Eat-police: Why It’s Better Than Other Verification Sites

Eat-police: Why It's Better Than Other Verification Sites

Many Korean housewives spend most of the time looking after their children and doing household chores. They can’t go out to eat with friends or do anything interesting because they are busy every day. Many of these women visit 토토사이트. An eat-and-see website is a web portal where people eat at restaurants together online and share the process on SNS (social networking service). The people who want to eat together gather once a week at a specific location and enjoy eating good foods together. Housewives visit eat-and-see websites for several reasons: making new friends, sharing recipes, learning about new restaurants, etc. eat-and-see websites are popular with housewives because they can eat at nice restaurants without leaving their homes and they make friends through the websites. The eat-and-see service has become very popular in Korea.

Eat-and-see websites do not charge users anything, and eat-and-see restaurants also don’t charge eaters. The Eat-and-see company collects money from eaters and gives it to eat-and-see restaurants as commission.


The eat-and-see website has been visited by more than 12 million Koreans since its launch in March 2013. The number of Korean housewives who join eat and see groups increases every day. The eat and see sites receive the most hits right after lunchtime, which is a very convenient way for busy housewives to catch up with their friends during their free time. Eat and see company says that they will go global next year, but it may take a long time because the service is not so widespread in other countries yet.

Eat-and-see websites and eat-and-see restaurants are actively working on expanding the eat-and-see service, although eat-and-see companies need to do more work to make friends between eaters because eaters chat with each other only if they eat together at a specific location. Recently eat-and-see service has been extended to shopping as well as eating. People can buy goods from online shops through eat and sees as well as eat at offline places such as department stores or coffee shops. Eaters upload information about their experience of eating out on social networking services after purchasing something from eat and sees, which is a good strategy for businesses operating these kinds of platforms.