Canning hill Square construction is charitable City Growths Limited a wonderful opportunity to build market and development of secluded river front on Singapore River and the other places. It is located in the prime area middle of city in the country. It has good available connectivity canninghill square river valley with close and other different parts of Singapore straightforwardly.


The canning hill is the new cohesive development venture located right in the middle of the city and it is located right previous to the Singapore River. The condominium and its plat form are all set for dealing good collections and high range services from it. There are also apartments and the community things that are best dealt in life and many house hold vicissitudes located in market. The best company and the best leased and the umbrella views of managing side is formed individually and this helps in gaining connotation from it. There are all time individual tenants and condo units who are go to through property management and third help in gain of company.

The deal proposed by Welcome Trusts will be the iconic project in the center of the city .It will be linked with Clarke quay which is lengthways the river valley to give best five star rated food & drinks at accesses of inhabited and hotel rooms.


The project built in district 9 is located in the city center of Singapore makes people to roam wherever they want to sample there are stations like newton MRT station, fort firing MRT station so one can easily access these facilities and insufficient roads are present like

  • Bukit Tomah Road Kampong
  • Java Road

This is the things which get related to major city roads. Few expressways are present like Pan Island expressway and Central thruway by which one can easily travel to others parts and countries.

This project is situated in area with lots of amenities so lots of demand by investors is there. There are many shopping malls around district9 which helps Residents around District 9 area to select and have options with wide variety  of international brands items  or amenities .Most of the malls are very small drives are enough. The malls near offers wide array types of foods, shopping’s of various stuffs, healthcare centers, necessities and entertainment all these provide a good shopping and entertaining skill for every person. Hospices, educational centers, fun and adventure sites, cuisines, pubs, parks are all extant within few boundaries.