Tips for implementing ISO accreditation in an organization

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When a decision to implement ISO standards in an organization is taken there are some aspects that should be considered. These standards are useful for an enterprise involved in testing, sampling, and calibration. There are many advantages to getting accredited according to these internationally recognized standards. The following are some tips for implementing the standards in an organization effectively.

  • A general checklist of requirements to define the scope of accreditation should be prepared. This should be done before an internal assessment is begun for iso 17025 conversion The work that is required to be completed for accreditation purposes can be easily identified with the help of the checklist. These should then be segregated into three categories, namely: minor changes, major changes, and true gaps in need of a system. The organization management should know the task assigned to each team member and the manhours required for the same. The quality department which is all the more involved in this task implementation should be given specific training on the standards involved.
  • The staff should be made to understand the benefits of ISO accreditation and how it helps in improving performance. They should be involved from start to end so that they realize that they are a part of the entire process. When changes are proposed they should also be called for discussions and inputs should be received from them for healthy working. There should also be a feedback mechanism so that staff can discuss their concerns.
  • The business has to make sure that the clients they are serving are well aware of the ISO standard. Not all clients will be able to understand this and so efforts should be taken to deliver to them the purpose and also how it will benefit them.