BMW 8 Series M8 Coupe – Revving With Style


The bmw 8 series M8 Coupe convertible is packed with this amazing High revving 4.4 V8 engine with twin-powered turbo technology that can accelerate up to 460km/ hr. Its beast of an engine can develop up to 625 horsepower in a matter of a few seconds.

The excellent dynamic designs of the car’s chassis have been designed and tuned with the demands of the track as inspiration. The new chassis of the car stands out, particularly for the newly developed M- specified version of the brake that renders the driver a feeling of two different settings of the brake pedal.

The engine has been created in order to focus solely on performance. Hence the engine, transmission, and chassis of the car allow it to build up power at an unprecedented rate which is 0 to 100 km within 3.2 seconds. Furthermore, it uses a four wheel drive system that allows the driver to choose between standard, Sport, and rear-wheel drive with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). The style and designs are the topnotch

In addition to all these, it has been provided with a sophisticated cooling system that ensures the optimum operating system all the time, despite using different modes of driving. Furthermore, the power steering of the car enables the driver to move efficiently on the track as well. Being sort of a GT car M8 is one of the best cars BMW has ever created. The extremely aesthetic style gives off feelings of luxury as the power punch packed within the engine makes the entire car aesthetically appealing. It is a car worth buying.