Choosing The Social Trading Platform Investment

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You can also select an investment plan. You choose between four different plans: Open, Conservative, Progressive, and Aggressive. Each plan invests an additional amount of money at various intervals to help manage risk while making profits. The Aggressive plan invests in all market conditions, while the Open plan invests only when it’s safe. Each investment plan has its risk tolerance level, which means that your profit potential will vary from one plan to another depending on how much risk you want to take on.


A social trading platform is the best place to start when you want to make money investing in stocks. The platform helps you find hot stocks, candlestick charts and analysis and trades them. This, in turn, can lead to significant profits or losses. In a social trading platform, your account size is limited to $2 million at the most, while your commission fee is as low as $0.15 per share or less. With this comparison in mind, most investors would want to jump on a social trading platform. eToro trading platform is an excellent place to start.

eToro results


But is social trading a good investment tool? It depends on the investor; no one can guarantee that it will never be fooled. However, the provider usually offers an excellent customer support service to help you stay safe and make profits.


How To Trade Stocks With Trading Platforms


Many traders look for the latest news about a stock that is about to be released and then decide whether it will stabilize at its base price or soar further up from there. Henceforth, they begin with thorough market research where they can study top platforms online that will allow them to trade stocks too with no fees and instant access. Many traders sometimes lack proper knowledge of how stocks are traded, especially when using financial products like investment platforms, which are available online from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.