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There is no real good or bad in a whiskey glass. First of all, it is important that it perfectly suits your own requirements, that the smell is wonderful, and the color of the whiskey is broken in a special way in the cut of the glass.

As soon as whiskey is poured into a glass, a pleasant aroma rises and pampers the senses for the first time. If you want, you can just close your eyes and try to understand the individual ingredients of whiskey. If the whiskey is drunk on ice, the glass opening should be wide enough to fill ice cubes or whiskey stones.

Best Cocktail Bars In Hong Kong

What should you consider when buying a whiskey glass?

In our whiskey glass comparison, best cocktail bars in hong kong We have already mentioned several times that there are different types of glass for a whiskey tasting. Basically, however, it depends on your own preferences, which glass is used, because in the first place it is important that the whiskey develops its full aroma. It starts with pouring and ends with the pleasure of drinking. In order for you to enjoy your whiskey in the best possible style, you should buy a whiskey glass the following points are observed:

Type of glass

We have already described in detail the differences between Nosing glass and a mug. Ultimately, it’s up to you which variant of glass you choose, and above all, which model suits your needs.

Volume and diameter

In addition to the type of glass, volume certainly plays an important role. The size should be chosen so that ice cubes or whiskey cubes can be easily added to the glass.