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Inositol is a supplement that I studied recently, because it has positive health benefits and several side effects. Of the reported side effects of inositol, the worst, reportedly, was vomiting. Other side effects include diarrhea, upset stomach and rash, but no long-term side effects with inositol were observed. However, depending on what inositol is used for the treatment, potential side effects have not yet been established. Inositol is considered a food for the brain and is currently being tested for its effectiveness against many mental disorders and conditions, such as bipolar, depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder and more. Although inositol is not considered to have any inositol side effects anxiety in people with existing conditions and diseases, the studies did not have enough time to fully answer this question.

What you should know about this supplement

The few info that should be mentioned about inositol are the first in which the body is able to synthesize inositol by itself. Second, diets are generally not deficient in inositol, because they come from plants and animals. Third, high doses are necessary to achieve the effectiveness of the treatment of mental states. Do not get me wrong, inositol is a very important chemical for healthy function in humans. It brings several positive results. But just because it is so, does not mean that inositol in the form of a supplement is useful. As is often the case with chemicals that are ready, which the body can synthesize on its own, it can be difficult to raise the levels of the compound in the body with the help of additives. This is a great disadvantage of many additions. Supplement distributors will often quickly inform you about all the benefits of supplements, but will not pay attention to the fact that clinical trials have shown that taking supplements does not increase the level of the compound in the bloodstream.

mental disorders and conditions

This is not necessarily a side effect if you do not consider spending money on a side effect.

But just think about it. In a clinical trial, a double-blind controlled trial was started comparing inositol with fluvoxamine in the treatment of panic attacks. There were twenty patients, each of whom received up to 18 grams of inositol per day for a month. This is 18 grams! 18,000 mg per day. Someone cares about this if it is shown that inositol is effective.

With all this said, I still think that taking inositol as a supplement is a good idea, especially when combined with choline. The reason is that inositol side effects weight are similar and complement each other. Both help regulate fats and cholesterol, and both also support the brain. Although sometimes both were included in the family of vitamin B, technically they are not B vitamins, although they are definitely related to the group.